Software Protection

Do you want to protect your software & documents against illegal distribution?


Kuwait Solutions provides protection against illegal piracy of your Documents, Software/Application, Demos & Presentations. Many software vendors use this technique to protect their software from illegal distribution, especially those companies who produce applications, database, multimedia, educational, documents, database and e-books.


Protected data is protected against specialized cracking, reverse engineering, RAW image copy, and disassembling, copying & pasting.


  • Clients can produce an unlimited number of protected & encrypted CDs with any type of CD-Writer drive.
  • The CD-protection technique does not affect the application at startup or while running.
  • Protected data encrypted with SLBET 256 bit key.
  • This solution is protected against most cracking and CD-Backup techniques.
  • Compatible with all CD drives.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Protected data succeeds to stop advanced CD copying and emulation tools like:
Alchol 120%
Daemon Tools