Our search engine optimization experts love learning about the industry. We understand some processes and jargon are not immediately ascertainable. We provide the services but it’s important for clients to have a basic understanding of the search engine optimization process, better illuminating our contributions to their success.

We’ve assembled a number of resources, allowing novices to learn the basics of search engine optimization, securing a better understanding of the processes, timelines, and end goals.

Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s information on the industry provides the basics along with some mid-to-high-level information. Understand the genesis of SEO, its evolution, the difference between “white” and “black” hat SEO companies, and more. Find additional links to related resources, supplementing your understanding.

Google SEO Starter Guide – Perhaps you’re thinking about building a site or outsourcing the process. You’ll need a better grasp of hosting a website, proper construction, and search engine optimization. Google, remaining the dominant search engine, supplies beginners with a blueprint for success on the search results. In short, the industry process closely follows directions supplied by search engines, securing clients great rankings.

How to Find a Service Provider – What advice would Google provide regarding search engine optimization companies? Get quick tips on finding the best SEO company, ensuring success on Google and other popular search engines. What questions should be posed to a potential optimization firm? You’ll know after the read.

SEOmoz – Rand Fishkin and company are heavily respected, earning accolades through proven success and the provision of industry tips and insights. The SEOmoz blog is widely read, providing daily tips on a range of industry concerns. This beginner guide is the unofficial “SEO for dummies,” clearly illustrating the basics, making it easy to differentiate between good and great service suppliers.

Search Engine Land – As with SEOmoz, Search Engine Land has the respect of the industry, regularly providing free tips and suggestions, from beginner tips to highly-advanced processes. This beginner’s guide offers a score of additional links to videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, and more.

Search Engine Journal – Like SEOmoz and Search Engine Land, SEJ dishes up the latest in industry news and tips, never disappointing readers of all SEO knowledge levels. We often encourage clients to read some of the more popular posts, gaining a better understanding of the industry.

Search Engine Roundtable – The roundtable cites its purpose as providing the latest and greatest regarding search engine marketing. The roundtable offers readers insights from around the Web, expounding on the views of others and offering additional insight.

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