How transparent is your SEO agency

The world of SEO is governed by competing and evolving algorithms (constant slow change with intermittent leaps of progress) that seek to balance on-site relevance with the past/subsequent response(s) of human beings (notorious for their unpredictability). Its delivery is also characterised by a notorious lack of clarity: agencies are often keen to keep the ‘dark art’ of SEO a mystery, leading to confusion and frustration for clients.

Although change and uncertainty is inherent in the system, we see it as our duty to inform clients on all aspects of SEO, so they are in a better position to gauge any given level of uncertainty for themselves (this has the added bonus of making them better able to recognise an opportunity when it presents itself).

Consequently, we have developed transparent, robust and methodical process that seeks to measure the following, and put it into context for the client:

  • measurement of any technical issues that may obscure or undermine your relevance
  • measurement of the demand for generic and specific queries relevant to your business
  • measurement/analysis of your current site’s capacity to respond to this demand
  • recommendations for changes that will make your site immediately better able to respond to this demand
  • measurement of competing forces that also seeks to respond to this same demand
  • recommendations for activity that will further improve your site’s capacity to respond to the measured demand

We also adhere unswervingly to the single aspect that has remained unchanged since search engines began to evolve in response to a large community with competing/commercial forces: the ideal to which search engines aspire.

(This is best summarised as prioritising data according to its actual value, in response to genuine signals from real human beings as far as technology will allow.)

Clients should be left in no doubt as to the purpose or progress of any aspect of their search engine optimisation.

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